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"Requirement of enterprises"

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The catalogue of production
To show all [1675]
000000  Not classified [1401]
340000  The equipment and materials electrotechnical  [138]
510000  The equipment technological for easy both the food-processing industry and household appliances  [75]
420000  Devices and means of automation of common industrial appointment  [17]
360000  Chemical and oil mechanical engineering  [13]
410000  Production of application  [6]
380000  The equipment metalcutting and   [6]
630000  The electronic technics, except resistors and condensers  [5]
370000  Armature industrial pipeline  [4]
480000  Production of building, road and municipal mechanical engineering  [2]
310000  Production heavy, power and transport mechanical engineering  [2]
450000  Of the product of motor industry  [2]
490000  The equipment sanitary-engineering (except the equipment for ventilation and air-conditioning). key and hardware  [1]
620000  Condensers  [1]
030000  Coal, products of processing of coal, peat and slates combustible  [1]
430000  Devices and means of automation of specialized appointment  [1]

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