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Studio richmedia interactive has introduced technology parser

The internet, 01.03.03

As it became known today, on march, 1st, the studio of design richmedia interactive passes to use of technology Parser 3.0. under coder ruslana lisova statement, from this day all sites made in studio, will work on a new, convenient platform.

Parser — - Lebedev's studios artemija.

Press-service west network group managed to set some questions to coder richmedia interactive Ruslanu lisovu.

Almost year worked without parser, and now suddenly began to use. to what it?

Ruslan lisov: By a rain:-) all is very simple: in the beginning of this year the bear server has held meeting on which declared not joyful at that point in time news within two months all employees should not only learn to build new sites on new technology, but also to translate all old projects on parser. special choice was not also work has gone. after three weeks of swaying between forum parser and our test server, in studio have started to speak approximately in such language:

Гостиница Волхов 2

i do not know why the dollar badge does not appear...
— ?

I am very grateful paf, misha v.3 and to other participants of a forum of support who continue to answer my silly questions. also it is grateful to our manager who has essentially simplified work with projects.

Why parser? there is a set of other platforms...

Ruslan lisov: It is convenient. now we work over the new project in which there will be somewhere 5 basic sections in different design and more than 4000 html-pages. parser will help us not only quickly and qualitatively to impose a site, but also instantly to update pages in the future.

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