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The snow storm has paralysed studio work for one day

New york, 19.02.03

 past monday, on february, 17th, east part of territory of the usa, in particular New york, Has appeared under a metre snow layer. at off-schedule meeting of employees of the company to which managed to reach the central office, the decision to declare was accepted monday the day off.

 led by manager richmedia interactive the bear server, not numerous employees of studio amicable crowd poured out on snow-covered streets Of new york  on purpose to be convinced of plausibility of reportings of ntv from television studio ostankino. a ruler in a snowdrift, the bear server has declared that filled 102 centimetres.

So as all was from the very beginning (tells the bear server):

i have woken up in studio about 7 mornings (the day before was a lot of work and it was necessary to remain to spend the night). sat on a window sill and suspiciously looked out of the window. hungry, probably   i have thought and filled the next portion of a wiskas. the cat has not reacted in any way and continued to look out of the window. having made itself fragrant twinings english breakfast tea, has included the tv. on ntv have informed that

Local time new york usa what time is it in new york. New york Has filled up with a metre snow layer, transport goes with faults and in general 20 persons were lost. has decided to look that occurs New york. On site New york. A third year the brooklyn webcam Which is established behind a studio window works. the image was unusual: the picture has moved aside and showed at all that was on it still yesterday. having drunk up a cup of tea, i have ventured to open a jalousie and to look in a window.

oh and  a horse-radish to itself   the first that has escaped. cars on a roof have left in snowdrifts; the rare people, ventured to reach work, went in single file on two only thing rare jeeps ford expedition.

Having waited the others (have managed to reach not all), i took two batteries nikon® En-el1, 256 mbyte of memory sandisk®, camera nikon coolpix® 5000 and have suggested all wishing to stop work and to go on street. everything, except stepki who Still  looked out of the window have appeared interested persons.

 in total we have spent in the street three hours that is an absolute record. despite that have got in the end to a strong blizzard (as it was found out then, there was not a blizzard, and a snow-storm), we have perfectly spent time. the offer has arrived even to organise campaigns such at least time in two weeks.

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Photochronicle of events:

 Of new york  The chamber has departed aside  The bear server has got stuck in snowdrift
Of ruslan says that to it has frozen head  The bear server: and here it is not enough snow (to a blizzard)  In search of car
Serezha, you why has not closed a door?!

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